Curriculum Vitae

Theodora Patrick /Real name: Dr. Alena Smejkalova/ is a Czech professional artist. She lives  in Prague. She studied at the University of Pilsen and the Charles University of Prague. From 1981 on, she worked for the renowned animation studio "Bratři v triku" /. Brothers in a T - shirt / of the film studios Barrandov, Prague. She worked together with some of the famous animated film directors. At the same time she devoted herself to her oil-paintings using classic oil on canvas. In 1988 she accepted an offer to co-operate in the field of fashion design. She continued her creative activities in Jakarta, Indonesia, where she lived from 1989 until 1994. There she co-operated with Indonesian fashion designers and with Indonesian television company TPI / Televisi Pendidikan Indonesia /. In the years 1996 - 2000 she lived in Manila, Philippines, where she devoted herself mainly to her creative activities forming her collection of oil paintings. From 2003  until 2009 she lived and worked  in Amman, Jordan.  July 2009, she moved  to  Israel. In 2010  she went to Baghdad, Iraq. At the present time she is in Prague...

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